Greenville Hearing Center - Listen to Your Audiologist...Because Hearing is Precious
Free Online Tests:
For a free online test to help you determine if you might need help from Greenville Hearing Center click on the links below.
  • Phonak
    *If you do not pass any of these tests please call us at(618)664-1146and make an appointment for a full hearing test by our professional Audiologist.
  • $avings and Di$counts:
    • Hearing Aid Batteries- carton discount (call for more information)
    • Battery Club for individual packs of batteries(6/pack) for $6.00 with your next pack FREE. All batteries are guaranteed.
    • Batteries-By-Mail (no shipping fee) right to your home!
    • Mention our website or print this page and bring it to your appointment for a special discount on your hearing aid purchase.*

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